Sigman Veterinary Clinic


As pet parents, we do everything we can to ensure our pets stay safe. It only takes a moment for a pet to bolt out of an open door, escape from a fence, or accidently slip their leash or collar and the unthinkable happens....your pet goes missing. Many lost pets may never find their way home without identification. Microchipping is a permanent form of identification helping to reunite your lost pet.  We offer microchipping through HomeAgain

What is a Microchip?


A microchip is a tiny device the size of a grain of rice. The device stores an individual number (microchip number) which is then registered with the microchip company in your pet's name with your contact information. The microchip is read by passing a special scanner over the pet's shoulder blade area. The scanner emits a low radio frequency that transmits the microchip number which helps identify the pet. A microchip is not a tracking device and cannot track your pet. 

Microchipping Procedure

The veterinarian or staff member will inject the microchip just beneath the surface of your pet's skin between their shoulder blades. This process is quick and is just like giving a vaccine. We will clip a small patch of hair between the shoulder blades and clean the area with surgical scrub and alcohol prior to placing the microchip. Microchipping can be done to both dogs and cats and does not require sedation. After the microchip is placed our staff will register the microchip with your contact information. 


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