Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

We offer laser therapy with our Class 4 K-Laser Cube 4. Laser therapy uses an infrared laser light that interacts with tissues at the cellular level which leads to increasing circulation which reduces inflammation and pain while increasing healing and range of motion. Your pet is awake during this painless procedure. Laser treatments vary in length depending on what is being treated, but they average about 5 minutes per location. The frequency and number of treatments also vary depending on what is being treated. Your pet may feel improvement after the first treatment, however it can take several treatments to see improvement. Your veterinarian will recommend a treatment plan specific to your pet's needs. Laser treatments are performed by a trained assistant or technician. 

We offer single laser treatments as well as treatment packages.  


Laser therapy can be used for:

- Arthritis and joint pain
- Swelling and edema
- Ligament strains
- Wounds
- Post-surgical incisions and pain 
- Neck and back pain
- Hip Dysplasia
- Burns
- Post dental extractions and gingivitis
- Kidney disease
- Parvo virus

Call us today to discuss if laser therapy is an option for your pet! 


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