Sigman Veterinary Clinic


Sigman Veterinary Clinic was started by Dr. Michael B. Sigman in 1975. Dr. Sigman is a graduate of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine class of 1975. Initially, Dr. Sigman practiced out of a home he rented at Green Valley Farm. Dr. Sigman and his wife Catharine built the current clinic on Highway 142 in late 1979. Highway 142 was only a small 2 lane road at the time! Dr. Sigman practiced veterinary medicine for over 40 years in our community treating dogs, cats, horses, and cows, among other animals. Dr. Sigman and Cathy owned and operated Sigman Veterinary Clinic until Dr. Sigman's retirement in October 2019. 

The clinic was purchased by Dr. Tricia Suttles and it is strictly a small animal clinic servicing dogs and cats. Dr. Suttles joined Sigman Veterinary Clinic in 2011 as an associate veterinarian. Learn more about Dr. Suttles under Meet our Doctors! 


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