Sigman Veterinary Clinic

End of Life Care


Euthanasia is never an easy decision. We are here to assist you and your beloved pet during this difficult time and our goal is to keep this process as easy as possible given the circumstances. We acknowledge your grief and feel sadness with you. Below is what you can expect for your appointment:

When you check in for your appointment, one of our receptionists will go over paperwork with you. We will have you check out at this time to avoid having to worry about this at the end of the procedure. After paperwork is signed, an assistant or technician will bring you and your pet into the exam room and go over the process with you. Your pet will be brought to our treatment area where an IV catheter will be placed. This allows the veterinarian direct access to their vein. After the catheter is placed your pet will be brought back to you and you are welcome to spend as much time with them as you wish before the veterinarian comes into the room. 

Once you are ready, the veterinarian will explain the next steps and stay with you throughout the procedure. After you have left the room, an assistant or technician will respectfully prepare your pet's body for after care. There are several options for aftercare and we are happy to discuss those with you. 

Choosing to be present or not present during a euthanasia can be a difficult decision on it's own for pet owners. Sometimes seeing your pet in their final moments can be too overwhelming and that is okay. This is a very personal decision and we are here for you. Please know that if you choose to not be present with your pet an assistant or technician will be with them giving them lots of love as they cross the rainbow bridge. We offer clay paw prints and locks of hair as mementos.


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