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The doctors at Sigman Veterinary Clinic are committed to providing excellent veterinary medicine and care for our patients and clients. As an extremely fast-paced, high-volumed hospital, our veterinarians rely on our trained and dedicated support staff to help provide outstanding medical treatment and care as well as exceptional client communications. Besides our veterinarians and licensed veterinary technician, the SVC team consists of veterinary assistants, animal care assistants, and a full administrative staff. Please take a moment to read about each department. Together we will provide the highest standards of veterinary care for you and your pet.

Client Care Specialists

Often the first contact you’ll have with our staff is with one of our front office members.  Being a client care specialist in a veterinary office takes a special kind of person who is able to deal with both humans and animals alike. Our client care specialists are true multi-taskers keeping the hospital organized and running efficiently. At first glance they can be seen answering phones, scheduling appointments, and checking in patients.  Behind the scenes they are filling medications and food requests and briefing the medical staff of new cases or emergency situations.


Karissa is our front office coordinator.  She has been with us since January of 2009.  Karissa is often the client's first contact when calling or visiting the practice.  She is a proud Mama and Gammy. When not spending time with her family and friends, Karissa enjoys traveling, photography, interior design, fashion, playing card/board games, and being actively involved at her church. She is a bonding thread between client, patient, doctor and staff. Karissa has been a wonderful asset to our clinic.  


Jessica joined our team in February of 2018.  She is married with 1 daughter and 2 sons.  She accomplished her goal of losing over 100 pounds and maintains a healthy lifestyle. In her spare time she enjoys hunting, fishing, bike riding, hiking, and just being outdoors.

Registered Veterinary Technicians

Sigman Veterinary Clinic is proud to employ registered veterinary technicians (RVTs) as the first line of medical support to our veterinarians.  Registered veterinary technicians complete a two or four year course of study in veterinary technology at a school that has been accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) as well as pass the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE). After graduating and passing the VTNE the candidate applies for licensure through the State Veterinary Board.  To keep up to date with licensure and the latest advancements and techniques, RVTs are required to participate in continuing education courses each year. All veterinary technicians work under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.  Our veterinary technicians assist the doctors to the fullest possible extent to help improve the quality of care given to the patients and to aid the doctors in achieving greater efficiency by relieving them of technical work.  Their focus is on patient care, collecting blood samples, placing IV catheters, taking radiographs, administering and monitoring anesthesia, performing dental cleanings, and nursing care. Veterinary technicians are the heart of the veterinary team.


Chrissy graduated in May of 2016 from San Juan College's Veterinary Technician program which is AVMA accredited.  She passed the VTNE and is licensed in the state of Georgia as a registered veterinary technician. She has an extensive background working with horses as a professional groom for Eventing horses prior to becoming an RVT. She joined our team in 2013 starting out as a veterinary assistant prior to becoming licensed.  Chrissy and her husband have 4 dogs, Tippy, Odie, Nemo, and Izzy as well as 2 cats, Panther and Orson. 

Veterinary Assistants

While every position within the veterinary practice team is important, veterinary assistants play a pivotal role, literally.

In the course of a single day an assistant provides help to veterinarians and veterinary technicians which in turn allows those team members to perform the tasks and responsibilities of their positions. The veterinary assistant may be helping a client in or out with their pets, providing a receptionist with a second set of hands at the front desk, filling a prescription, keeping exams rooms cleaned and prepped, setting up lab work, helping with inventory, or assisting with nursing care.  There are more things that veterinary assistants do in a day than most people realize. 


Brandy joined us in August 2016 as a veterinary assistant after working at a veterinary hospital in Florida for 2.5 years. She fills in wherever we need help. You’ll see her assisting in exam rooms, manning the reception desk, and aiding clients as needed. When not at the clinic, Brandy enjoys fishing at the lake or just relaxing with her 3 dogs (Dixie, Braxton, and Bob), and 2 cats (Sassy and Elsa).


Tori has been with us since July of 2017.  You will find Tori assisting where needed in many areas, exam rooms, the kennel, as well as the front desk. She has 3 dogs Freeman, Pepper, and Merle.  When not spending time with her family, Tori loves to watch reruns of The Golden Girls and The Office.  She actually owns the whole series of The Golden Girls.  


Jen joined our team in February 2020 as a veterinary assistant.  While Jen is new to our team, she has over 10 years of experience working in veterinary medicine. She has an interest in Fear Free and Low Stress handling and she is known as our "cat whisperer". Jen's calm nature makes her ideal for working with anxious pets. Outside of work, Jen enjoys antiquing and spending time with her cats and her ferret. 

Animal Care Assistants

You may not see them during an appointment but our animal care assistants are hard at work behind the scenes at SVC from keeping our medical treatment and surgery areas sterile and clean to caring for our pets boarding in our kennel to performing baths. 

While the primary responsibility of our animal care assistants is the care and husbandry of patients in the hospital, they are involved in many facets of the hospital’s day-to-day operations and help keep the hospital running more efficiently. There is never a dull moment and our animal care assistants are always there to provide extra support and a helping hand to our veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and front office staff.


Peggy is our full time Animal Care Assistant. The animals love her and she does an outstanding job caring for all our boarders and hospitalized patients needs. She is very devoted to her family and enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren.

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  • "Dr. Sigman has been our vet for approximately 20 years. I feel like he is a part of our family He has always been kind to our animals and to us.I tried other vets before and none of them rate as high standards as he does. He is and will always be the best in Covington, GA. Thank you for all the great years of service. I Highly recommend this office.."
    Pat L. Covington, GA

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